Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hooray for me my baby is 3!!!!

Yes, I am aware that it's not until tomorrow and now she is 3 I do need to stop calling her my baby. But she always will be!

Anyhow on to the the fun of the Build a Bear Workshop party. To start off with she insisted on wearing her new Genevieve dress, her Halloween costume. As you can see here she looks totally darling!

We arrived at the mall a little ahead of schedule so there were a couple tense moments where we had to reassure her that yes her friends would be coming. Luckily my spare kid and his mom showed up pretty quick and once she ripped his present open she was much happier with the whole situation. Once most of her guests arrived the party got under way. They each got to pick a new best friend out of the bins,it was an agonizing choice for some but they all selected one and got in line to "Stuff my bear!!"

The party leader did a great job keeping them entertained while she stuffed the animals. Once the animals were all stuffed the party leader had each kid pick 2 hearts out of the heart bin, I thought it was odd since last time we were there my kids each picked one. She had them do the adorable routine of "rub it (the heart) in your hands to make it warm, rub it on your head to make it smart, rub it on your feet to make it fast, rub it on your nose to make it lucky..." and then she had each kid make a wish for George and all those hearts went into her monkey. It was about enough to make me cry! Then the girl had them go through the same thing for each of their bears. After they were all stuffed, given a heart and sewn shut they got to take their animals over to the "tub tub" to fluff and brush them.
Once they were all fluffed and brushed the fun really got going! Each kid got to pick an outfit for their animal, we had ballerinas, princesses, army pups, divas ... a different personality for each bear.

George picked a Tinkerbell outfit and of course she named her monkey...George. We sang her happy birthday and then thanked her friends for coming, I even managed to stay in the budget we had set up! After the party we headed to the food court with my spare kid and his mom and the girls with the beautiful hair and their parents for lunch. George opened her presents (she got very cute stuff) and while we ate the kids happily ran amok. The food court people were so not sad to see us go. It was a very fun party, totally cute and so low stress!

The next party will be in about a month for Jr. She wants a Peter Piper Pizza Party, I'm so happy my kids have decided to branch away from parties at home!!!


Safire said...

Happy birthday George!! Sounds like you had a great party! :)

Hillary said...

I love the build the bear activity. How cute is that? Happy Birthday George!

Abuela said...

Those are super excellent pics.Looks like evryone had a great day.