Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ice Cream Parties

In elementary school we got ice cream parties for making certain goals like passing a reading level or passing off multiplication tables (I missed that one).

In college we had ice cream parties the first time we kissed a boy. The better the ice cream and topping the better the kiss. When I had my ice cream party for kissing ElCid I bought 2 kinds of ice cream, whip topping, chocolate sauce and cherries. :)

Last night at our house we had a personal ice cream party just for George. She called me while I was on my way home (with the help of Moga, my sister) to ask me to buy her pink ice cream because she had gone poop in the potty!!!!! (She has done pretty well with #1 but has battled us on #2.) I was so willing to do that I turned around 4 blocks from home and went and got her pink ice cream.

She really liked being the only one with an ice cream cone and the other two didn't complain all that much. The celebration was short lived, about an hour later she had a #2 accident but she did it once!


Hillary said...

I love ice cream parties. How fun.

Safire said...

V says, "She have ice cream? She have ice cream for sitting on potty? I sit on potty!" So thanks for helping the potty training to go forward in our house. :)

Abuela said...

Oh no way!
That's hilarious :D Congrats George.

I really like the idea of getting ice cream parties after an important event. As soon as I catch up on my e-mail I'm throwing me one.