Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The neverending week

How long is a week? Is a week tomorrow? Is a week after that? Will the princesses still live at D*sneyland when we get there next week? Are we going to see all the princesses, even Mulan AND Pocahontas? How many rides can we go on? Am I going to be tall enough to ride everything? Can we go on that same roller coaster that we went on last time? Are you still not going to ride the Tea Cups? Can I drive my own car this time?

Yes - the natives are getting restless. We leave for St. George tomorrow morning to go to "The Egbert Family Reunion" and to my niece's birthday party. Then we come home Saturday unpack and repack and head to California (Sunday) to the happiest place on earth for Monday & Tuesday. Tuesday night we will join ElCid's family in Carlsbad for 2 days of fun in the sun, on the beach!

Yesterday I found the missing pieces to Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty for George & Jr. I made Fred a Pocahontas costume (in the picture) that didn't take long, to my delight.

They are all packed to head to Utah and can't hardly wait one more minute!!!!!! They have 7 cousins they know who will be there and assorted cousins they don't know as well.


Well that was yesterday and my father in law agreed to take Fred & Jr with him to St. George ahead of me because I'm still not sure when I'll be leaving here, we're waiting on ElCid's paycheck, no they don't have direct deposit, no I don't know why not, yes I think it would be great for his work to get that!!!

I had a meeting last with the director and wig/make-up person (both friends of mine) of Peter Pan and as soon as I get back I am going to be super mega BUSY!!!! We set up a budget for all the costumes the director is going to do fabric shopping and look for patterns we might need and I am getting excited. :) I'll have to see if I'm still excited when I get back and am slammed with work. :0

Well I'm off to pack for my boy, hopefully he'll make it home soon and we can get outta here!

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Abuela said...

Fred is the cutest Pocahontas ever.
What? No Disn3y pics?