Friday, July 27, 2007

Did Dinosaurs have hair?

Last night after baths George asked for her hair to be in "cwazy dinsour hair" I had absolutely no idea what she wanted so I just put her hair up into two buns (my niece calls them Princess Leia buns) and she was happy. Then she insisted that the other two also get "cwazy dinsour hair".

Fred was finished next and had the biggest fit because she just wanted her hair to be straight, just blowed, and she wanted to do it herself and on, and on. I'm sure it's a 7 yr old independence thing but once I threatened her with her hair being done by me everyday for a month she finally sat still and cooperated! Once it was done and she looked in the mirror she came back much relieved because she thought I was going to make her look stupid. Apparently I'm getting in practice now for when she's older.

Jr. was more than happy to have her hair done but wasn't so keen on dinosaur hair and asked for braids instead. George was out of the room so I got started without her supervision and by the time she got back she didn't even come over to inspect my work.

The pictures are of "cwazy dinsour hair" the next morning. I had to take George's out to redo it and I tried to convince her that pretty curls would be just as good but she wasn't having any of that, and insisted I put the dinosour hair back in.


Hillary said...

Love the hair. I'm so glad you are bloggin'

Abuela said...

I love George's "cwazy dinsour hair".
They are all gorgeous.