Thursday, December 5, 2013

Random November Happenings

The across the street neighbor died a while back, he LOVED his trees. His sister and her family cut them all down. It was SO sad!Now our street and yard are way too bright!
The police were out, again.
We took the ponies to a craft fair, you can still get yours!
Fred wanted new glasses so badly she snapped hers in half.

The new ones are Tiffany & Co.
The LLT Thanksgiving lunch went off without incident.

I FINALLY got rid of the blasted printer that sent me to the brink of sanity on a regular basis.

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An Wanna said...

What is wrong with Jack-Jack? Does she not know there is a long time honored family tradition of wrecking havoc at the Thanksgiving lunch?!? Some children just don't understand the importance of traditions!