Monday, July 29, 2013

...when it's reunion time, no matter what the weather...

(That's from a Primary song I've sung once? About family reunions.)
Two years ago ElCid's older sisters (Katie and Heidi) were in charge of the family reunion. This is the super happy post where I mentioned it. It was fun, we stayed in a teeny little town, in a converted stable, complete with actual horse stalls as bedrooms. I ended up sleeping on a concrete floor due to several things happening. I was tired and terrifically grouchy the entire time. I was also 4/5 weeks pregnant with Jack-Jack and just barely figuring it out. We went to Zion and it was my first time there.

ElCid and his younger brother John were assigned to plan this year. 

They chose to go to Barstow and go camping with a pool, visit big satellite dishes, attend a drive in movie, and tour a ghost town. That idea was put down soundly by his sisters. 

Plan B was a place just outside Cedar City called Willow Glen Inn. It was built in 1973 in a big open field. The owners also planted tons of trees, of all sorts of vines/plants and built paths to the various small building through the "forest". 

It was quiet and seemed far away from everything but was only 20 minutes from WalMart when we forgot things like milk, ponchos and butter. It rained a every day which I LOVED!! The day we got there was a downpour which kind of soaked the suitcases on top of the car but I poo-pooed ElCid's suggestion of the tarp so it was all my fault.

ElCid made up a cool card game for the reunion, called GFR. It's a way to enjoy the reunion year round and in the comfort of your own home!

I made cute boxes for the card game to go into.
Poor ElCid was caught off guard with an unauthorized card that hijacked his game a bit.  
Kathy asked for my help in announcing her happy news!
 We wedged everything into the car and off we went. 
 Did I mention the carpets are the 1970's originals?
 Jack-Jack mostly enjoyed having cousins her same age around.
 She really loved painting!
 We went to the Green Show at the Shakespearean Festival.
And went to a park I took the older two to 9 years ago. 
I need to find the original pictures to do a comparison.
 We stayed in St. George a few extra days for Katie's baby shower and Bubba's ordination to deacon. 
 Really though, sharing is highly overrated.


An Wanna said...

It's so nice of them to find a reunion location for you with weather! Silly Jack-Jack, sharing is caring!

Kathy said...

Hey. Those horse stalls got crossed off several bucket lists. That can only be seen as a positive.

Valinda said...

Not mine! :( Maybe Hillary and Emily can schedule a repeat so I can join the club.