Monday, July 25, 2011

Trudging along

Another 2 weeks gone by, this last one included the family reunion which was fun, I have pictures but they're on my phone for now. I have 2 dresses to finish today, Cinderella and Beauty. Wednesday I have a mermaid tail to start and once it's done I'll be headed to Utah to work on 11 flower girl dresses and I'm hoping to extend it to a trip north as well to see MyZanne & Safire. 

George's leotard for dance class is still missing 2 weeks later and it has to be found before 4pm. I'd better get this day going!!


Karen Valinda said...

11 flower girl dresses??? Who is getting married? Relative wedding? (After Le's encounter with Robert's cousin ANYTHING is possible :-)
Love to see a post from you xoxoxox

Safire said...

Yay for visiting!