Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Imaginary Friends

Sometimes when I talk about the people I've "met" on the internet the girls happily make fun of my fake friends. Jr will now think twice before making fun of me, and my fake friends. One of my internet acquaintances make a Doctor Who TARDIS logo for shoes, reminiscent of the Chuck Taylor logo. I printed it onto fabric using my regular printer, the same way I printed her sign and St. John's logo for her TARDIS snuggie. I adhered it to some heavy duty interfacing and then sewed it to the Target clearance shoe. I think they turned out cute and whenever the logos wear out I can just print a new set and replace them, a win all the way around.

A better look at the logo.


Grammy said...

Awesome! Lucky Jr ;-} xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

Just cuz they make awesome stuff doesn't make them *real*. And can I point out the Doctor isn't real or would that be blasphemy???