Sunday, April 28, 2013

I had a baby ...

And then Wham-O, 13 years later she became a teenager. It's a new adventure every day. Sometimes a fun adventure, other times there is kicking and screaming involved.

13 fun facts about Fred

Fred is still shorter than I am, by about a 1/2 inch.

She is a great singer, she just won a Maestro award for her solo at the Heritage Performance Competition in San Diego.

Fred is a fun big sister.

Fred likes to paint her nails.

Fred gets lost - When I ask Jack-Jack where's Fred each day when it's time to get her from school Jack-Jack goes looking in her room saying Fea? Wh? Fea?

Fred is an amazing student. She continues to get straight A's.

Fred is going to be Grace in August for her theater class's performance of Annie.

Fred can do her own laundry, huge bonus. Sometimes she does it willingly, extra bonus.

Fred is working on her Personal Progress for Church.

Fred has taught herself to play piano so that she can practice her music at home.

She like Once Upon A Time & Doctor Who

Fred reads, lots of different genres and all the time! Sometimes she even reads the books she's supposed to read for school.

Fred keeps ElCid on his toes with 8th grade math, especially the geometry chapters!

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Grammy said...

Yep, Fred is amazing. And a teenager. Guess you'll be getting a run fer yer money! xoxoxox