Thursday, February 28, 2013


Wow, it's already over, teeny little February.

ElCid bought me flowers for Valentines day, yellow roses with pink tips. He couldn't find any daffodils like usual but I remembered something about the weather affecting the crop.

As usual I worked a good part of this month.
Pastries with Parents was also Valentines day.
I made a few costumes and Jack-Jack's birthday outfit.

We had a lovely 4 day weekend.

My sister decided to get married so we'll be going to Tacoma for Spring Break! WooHoo!!

Kathy sent me a lovely package in the mail. It was a new wallet, my beautiful fake Prada from NYC was about to die, it was tragic. My new wallet came with treats inside.

The City of Las Vegas let me know I have a trashy yard.The claims against us were high weeds and an inoperable car. Both very true statements, but I still feel a bit picked on since I drive past 3 inoperable cars every day and so many yards with high weeds I couldn't count them all. The lady who gave me the citation said the person who called on me (it was anonymous) was probably my across the street neighbor who is trying to sell their house. It's renter occupied, been on the market for 3 years, has had an inoperable car in the driveway (under a tarp) for over a year, and they just have fewer tall weeds than we had. Sure, they called. My yard is now clean and has to stay that way for a year or I can get an instant $120 fine. I bought a big ol jug of round-up. We're all set.

March is going to be much more eventful. I'll actually have things to write about, we'll have to see if I get that far.


Linda said...

When I started to read "I bought a big old jug of...." I was thinking something way better than roundup!

Linda said...

Wonderful! (which sister?)