Sunday, January 20, 2013

Disney on Ice!!

Once again my very generous dad gave us tickets to Disney on Ice for Christmas. This year the theme was Dare to Dream, we LOVED it!!  They did spotlights on the stories of Frog Princess, Cinderella and Rapunzel. To Fred and Jr's delight all of the princesses, including Snow White and Ariel had an appearance at the end.
 I loved the dresses at Cinderella's ball, someday I'll remember to take a better camera! So many cute ideas!
 The horses were very cool too. Fred has a better picture of them.
 George's souvenir, thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!
 Snow cones always taste better in princess cups! (Fred chose a Mickey Prince cup)

 The Zamboni, a halftime favorite!!
 Fred and Jr, picked super cute necklaces for their souvenir, thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!
 I need this screen on a smaller scale and in my house somewhere...
My favorite part was when Rapunzel and Flynn "flew" while hanging onto her "hair" it was so cool! 
It was George's favorite part too.
Fred claims this was her favorite part as well but through the whole thing she kept flinching and saying she feared for their lives.
  Jr's favorite part was the very end with Ariel.
 Snow White makes her appearance.
 All of the princes and Princesses climbed up on the stairs and waved good-bye. 
It had a very Sound of Music feel, it was great!
 Good bye until next time!
The finale was a Princess dance party. 

This is what happens at home after you see Disney on Ice. 

We can't wait for next time, Fred won't be too old to go back, and Jack-Jack might just be old enough!
Thanks again Abuelo!

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Kathy said...

I love that Fred wore her Snow White outfit. Looks like a blast!