Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How things used to be

ElCid rented a Mario Bros. game for the girls this weekend. He was also more than happy to play with them. He helped them pass several levels. 

They all had fun but at one point he couldn't quite pass a level and he just kept working at it. The girls slowly lost interest telling him to let them know when he passed off the level. Fred stuck around, something about the other characters they were playing. 

ElCid told them that they should stay and watch, Jr and George were less than enthusiastic at the idea and wondered why. I told them that's just how it was when ElCid was a kid. You watched the other person pass off levels that were tough, then you could all play together again. 

They looked at us like we were crazy. I just had to laugh.


Heidi said...

My boys would have stayed with him to the bitter end. They love watching people pass levels. Maybe it's a boy thing:)

An Wanna said...

Totally the way it works. I know I spent WAY more time at Price's watching someone else play Nintendo than I spent playing it myself.