Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School!!

The kids finally got out of the house and did something fun this morning, they went back to school!

They were so excited that 15 minutes before we should possibly leave early they were asking for car keys, their pictures to be taken, and if we could leave already!

I insisted they eat breakfast, and more than just a mandarin orange.

So here they are -
They were sure Jack-Jack needed her picture taken too, and she had to go first as the youngest.
George, the big 3rd grader.
Jr, ready to take on "switching classes" in the 5th grade.
I have to admit I was not up to see Fred off, she'll have her picture taken after school.


Karen Valinda said...

Majorly amazing!!! I love Jack Jack's clueless look and all the happy smiles on the rest of my squirrels. Even Fred's which is impressive since her photo was after the fact as it were! xoxoxox

Kathy said...

What an awesome bunch of lovely ladies. :)