Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My School Projects

I mentioned before about several projects "I" was working on for school. 
I finally got around to taking pictures of them.

Jr's science project. I did the least amount of work on this one, I expect that to be the case with future projects as well. She is all about getting it done! She was pestering me about getting the right diapers, taking pictures, and only needed help a few times. This was her first major project where she could really do it all on her own and she ran with it! For the record Target brand Up & Up diapers hold the most water.
George's "5 pocket person" Shirley Temple. She chose the outfit, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and I made her trace on the face. I have to admit this is one project where I do most of the work because I want to, I sewed her outfit. George did research, had to cite her sources, and wrote the information on the 5 pieces of paper all on her own. 

Fred's genetics  project, it had to include a family tree of all her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents that she associates with. She was suddenly rather sad that she has such an extensive extended family.
I actually didn't have to do too much one this one, but it was supposed to be done sooner than the night before it was due. Her excuse was she couldn't do it without me and I was in the hospital. We won't mention that I had been harping on her to get it done for 2 weeks before Jack-Jack was born and she had in the house for those 4 days 2 fully capable adults who could have helped her get it done. I thought I had learned my lesson with this project and next time would be different...

-Enter the Biome Vacation Project-

What is a Biome Vacation project you ask? It is where you pick a Biome, a coral reef in this case, and design a resort that would let people vacation in that area while enjoying all the various plant and animal life that is naturally found there. It includes a 7-10 minute video, a brochure, research on 8 different plants and animals in that Biome presented as a full typed page each, an oral presentation, and a model of the resort and Biome. I honestly don't know how long she's had to work on this but I do know I've been asking her what she's doing to complete it for 3 weeks. I always got the, Mom, I have ___ number of days to get it done, *sigh*. I always reminded her those ___ days would fly by and to get on it!

Here it is in all it's glory - The Seafoam Resort, off the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia.
The animals she researched "swimming" in the ocean. The square container glued to the bottom on the right side is the aquarium. You can see the fish and animals, through the glass windows, in their natural habitat.
Clockwise from the top left hand side - boat dock, I-Max theater, pool, The Seafoam Resort (aka hotel), zipline (hard to see at this angle), rock climbing wall, aquarium, and para sailing.
Zipline, rock climbing wall, theater, hotel.
Pool, theater, hotel, beach, ocean.
I should have let her fall on her face and fail this time around. I did WAY to much of this project, and spent WAY too much money. I also wasn't let in on the full details until I took the set of instructions from her on Monday and then I had a fit because there was more to it than I had known and she was making the model WAY more complicated than it could have been. ElCid said "She's just going above and beyond" he's still alive, and we're still married, even after I loudly explained it was my life she was taking over with this thing, and he was up editing and burning the commercial to DVD until midnight last night. It went to school today and we'll see what grade "we" get on it.

Fred has her major English project, an autobiography, due by the 22nd. She is allowed to watch the episode of Once Upon A Time that aired Sunday this afternoon after school, then she's back on restriction until her next project is done. No TV, no fun, and if certain deadlines aren't reached, no YW's until I am satisfied it is complete!! She will learn how to manage her time and to give me all the details upfront now because this will not get worse as she gets older.


Kathy said...

Remember that book that you passed on to me? The one that said don't do last minute bail-outs? Okay, I am done. I am glad you all survived1

An Wanna said...

I just want to say you're welcome on behalf of your siblings who aren't married/don't have children. We like making projects easier... =P El Cid's side was clearly more complex!

Wil said...

ha, I was gonna say that she owes some of us a thank you. I see that Wanna had the same idea.