Friday, May 18, 2012

2 months old!

Jack-Jack is 2 months old today!! 

"Tummy time" is not a favorite of hers, but I still force her into it everyday. After about a minute she gets tired of trying to look around and starts to eat her arm or hand, whichever she finds first. :) Today she got worked up enough that she rolled over halfway, so it is working.
She likes to play on her jungle gym mat. The piano part was a little bit for her to get used to but she loves the mirror, right above her head.
 I estimate she's 12 lbs and 24 inches, her Dr. appointment isn't until next week.
 Jack-Jack with be blessed next Sunday in St. George. The day after Auntie Kymn gets married! Here she is in my dress. I looked up Fred's stats and Jack-Jack is 2 inches longer and 2 lbs heavier than Fred when she wore the dress. The other two were way smaller. She also wouldn't hold still for a good picture, she is such a wiggler!
 And for comparison Fred, Jr & George.
Jack-Jack continues to be a miracle baby. She eats well, she's getting to where she eats 4oz over the course of an hour. She sleeps great, only up twice, usually, at night. She's happy and content and is so much fun!

The other day someone made the comment that babies her age are a lot of fun and I was surprised that I could answer yes she is! Fred was not fun at this age. There was far too much crying going on for it to be fun. Jr. night have been fun but I was very stressed out trying to keep Fred away from her and I had just started watching My Extra Kid too. Not to mention the preemie/RSV season issues. George was probably fun but with three other kids 4 and under, RSV season/preemie issues and starting to drive carpool I was still stressed and really busy on top of that! I'm still super busy and I've begun doing a little bit of work, nothing with a stressful deadline, but there are still a few hours during the day when she's awake and I can just hold her and talk to her and it is a lot of fun.

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Emily said...

So adorable! We can't wait to see you guys!