Thursday, May 31, 2012

11 week update

There are other things going on around here besides Jack-Jack getting bigger but for now she's the main event. 

I took her for her "2 month" well baby visit and her stats are 12lbs 6oz. 23.5 inches. Head 16 inches. As usual when she got her shots I felt evil and wicked and apologized for hours. She seems to be doing ok now, we'll see how tonight and tomorrow go.
----- On to the other things -----
This week on Wednesday Fred went on the Straight A's all year field trip. I'm trying not to be bitter because these people promised me she would get "bad" grades, there's always next year right? They went to Texas Station, bowled and had lunch at the buffet. Well, she would have bowled but she had no socks. Nice. She ate mashed potatoes at the buffet. The main reason why we don't take our kids to buffets? I'm not paying $10 a plate for them to eat mashed potatoes.

Jr. got an award on Tuesday for A honor roll. She forgot to give me the note but mentioned in passing she had a note for me. Luckily another mom was coming in as I was going out and I suddenly realized what that note must have been about. Today she did a big presentation today on Sweden. We made St. Lucia buns and she dressed up. She and her friend Katie were assigned the project together and their tri fold board was seriously impressive. They had a handout, a craft for the kids to take home and make, as well as a word search for them to do in class. 

George got the straight A honor roll award today. Her teacher told them all to dress nicely. I love ColtFan. I will miss her next year. I read a poem George wrote that is posted on the bulletin board outside the classroom. It is called 2nd grade memories. One of her lines was "Homework reminds me of 2nd grade." I had to laugh and groan all at the same time. We've had a major battle over homework this year and I'm going to have to implement something next year before it becomes a battle too.

ElCid is going out of town Sunday morning through Wednesday afternoon. I get to run double duty AM carpool. Which includes loading everyone up at 6:30am to get Fred to school on time. Then I will drop off Jr. and George at 9, like usual. Then Fred gets out early all week at 11:40 so I will turn around and go get her 2 hours after I get home. It's going to be a fun week! Luckily school is out on Thursday and we will begin enjoying Summer Vacation!!

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Karen Valinda said...

Hooray for summer vacation! I will be praying you last long enough to enjoy it!!! xoxoxox
Congratulations to all three squirrels from Grammy xoxoxox
And please kiss Jack Jack for me ;-}