Friday, March 16, 2012

6 days, 4 hours & 26 minutes

or a little bit more, depending on how busy my Dr is that day. I had my last Dr. appointment this morning and we're all set for Thursday. I also scheduled my post baby Dr appointment before I left the doctor office this morning.

My last appointment with the perinatologist is on Tuesday.

It feels like it's been about 9 years since July 21st when I found out we were really doing this and now it's all coming to a big finish!

I have a few projects to keep me busy the next 6 days. Jr and George are going to be in the school talent show and they need to practice their song/routine. Jr has a science project, she's chosen how much water will a diaper hold before it leaks. Fred has a science project on genetics I'm trying to convince her to work on now, BEFORE the night before it's due! I keep telling her I won't be able to drive and I'll be just a little bit busy but she doesn't seem to believe me yet.

I also called MyZanne and talked dress with her last night :) Her little girl is due May 3rd (I think April 22nd would be a great day for her to come) and will be blessed sometime in June. I'm using the final pieces of our wedding dress for the blessing dress. The last useable pieces are the lace appliques and beads that were on the bodice. The blessing dress is going to be a mini version of what we wore and what the baptism dress is. In 8 years we'll have to coordinate baptism dates so both girls will be able to wear the baptism dress.

I think I have enough to stay busy, now to get it all done!


AnWanna said...

Have a fun few days!

Grammy said...

The best laid plans - Jack Jack made her appearance two days after this post almost to the minute! I wonder if this is a sign of things to come?
She is beautiful Ddonn. Amazingly beautiful. xoxoxox