Friday, November 25, 2011

A week of Thanksgiving

Monday was ElCid's work lunch. it has been quite disastrous in the past due to ... forces of nature... beyond my control. Monday however was a success. No puke was involved at all, my clothes didn't get anything dumped on them and the only kid I had in tow was very well behaved ;) Kathy says this was my one good year and now I'm back to ... forces of nature ...

Tuesday night my mom and I picked up Drox from the airport, he's here for a week to hang out. 

Yesterday was a day full of cooking, parades, football and fun.The girls helped ElCid shuck the pomegranates, it was a very fun sight, I just didn't have my camera in my hand.
Yesterday night I sweet talked ElCid into going with me to get the girl's "big" present, at WalMart. Lucky for us it went on sale at 10 and we were 4th in line from the register. We were in and out in an hour, and I am VERY grateful for that!!
The big present was set in the living room and wrapped on the spot. I can't budge it and it will sit there for a month until it's time to open it. There are some rules that go with the "big" present. You can't touch it trying to make it rip, if you see a rip tell mom immediately. You can't sit and make guesses as to what the big present is. You can think about it but if you guess right mom will be MAD. And you'll ruin it for your sisters. I couldn't threaten to take it back because I can't move it. And I'm pretty sure ElCid won't be willing to help me out.
I took Fred with me to Macy's at 11:30. Clothes for her was all I needed and by taking her I could avoid any returns or wrinkled noses at what I picked. Sweaters were buy one get one free and we got 6, 2 long sleeve shirts and 3 other shirts on clearance. She's good until it gets warm again. She found 2 pairs of pj's she couldn't live without (she doesn't have many) and a pair of slippers for her I'd rather not live without since she keeps stealing mine! I also found a game George wanted and got Matey his present. 

I looked into Gymboree and Children's Place but nothing was really interesting or a good enough price. I've been shopping Ross and clearance for Jack-Jack, Jr. and George don't need anything. Then My Extra Kid's Mom had taken Fred with her to see the Disney Store and well there was something there I REALLY wanted the girls to have... and I just couldn't say no and ... well I'm saving them for Christmas. Fred got to pick her own but there wasn't really a decision to be made for the other 2, the choices were obvious. I also splurged and got a shirt for Jr. and George. They got those today.

Fred and I were home and in bed by 2. It was lovely. Today we are just hanging out, eating more than we should and it's shaping up to be a great day :)


An Wanna said...

Glad you were home by a reasonable time this year. And I an TOTALLY bummed about the work party. Those are usually the best posts ever!!!

Grammy said...

We could give Jack Jack credit for the "safe and sane" Black Friday ;-}