Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More stuff that doesn't involve Kathy ;)

The next two party items were totally borrowed from this blog.
People think I go over the top, this mom makes me look LAME.

After choosing their house out of the sorting hat they will get a class schedule.

In their treat bags they will get their report card!
We're working on collecting drink mix items and cupcake decorations. The Quidditch (I just noticed the typo of Quidditch on the schedule and fixed it) pitch is still to be made and we have several other party items to purchase. I think the big shopping trip will happen tomorrow afternoon.


Kathy said...

Tell your hubby that I hate him and his stupid dog. *pout*

I hope one day he realizes his mistake and that my presence is missed at your house. Boo!

An Wanna said...

Aunt Kathy is allergic to poor stupid dog?

Kathy said...

No, but my child is and I am not coming to a party for her cousin without her. :(