Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthday Q & A

- What is that??
Even at this big it's a WHO, not a WHAT, that's Jack-Jack.

- You're PREGNANT?!?!
That or I have a very serious health condition. 

- When are you due?
My official due date is March 29th. I won't make it past March 15th due to the need for a c-section and with my potential problems I'm aiming to make it past Valentine's day.

- I thought you weren't doing this EVER AGAIN!?
I wasn't. For over 4 years I wasn't, but then I started getting that pesky feeling that maybe I should. In Jan. 2010 BOTH ElCid and I fasted and prayed and we decided together that WE were doing this again. (Kymn, this is what you fasted for - thanks!)

- Are you insane?? You're staring over!?!
Yes, me who makes terrible fun of "those people" is starting over.

- Did you do this on purpose?
Yes, or all that time ElCid and I spent together having fun was very irresponsible.

- What does the Dr. say? 
The final decision was made only after I consulted with my Dr. He knows me, my situation, and the potential complications that I face. He is also LDS and after I explained how we came to our decision he said if having a baby is what I'm supposed to do, then that's what we're going to do.

- What if it's not a boy?
The decision we made was to have a baby, not a baby boy. Honestly, we're calling it her already, we have 3 girls, we "know how" to raise girls, this pregnancy is pretty much just like the other 3. In November we fully expect to be told, it's a girl.

- Will you do this again?
NO. and I really mean it this time. I don't want to add old age and infirmity to my list of potential woes.

- Do you have any baby stuff left?
Nope, none, I gave it all away the last 6 and a half years. Well, that's a little exaggeration. I have the outfits the girls came home in that no one else is allowed to wear and several baby blankets, part of which I will be reusing. I also have my food storage cloth diapers and 3 pack of plastic pants.

- *whispered* with eyes shifting Does Kathy know? 
Yes, actually betraying my best friend was a major part of my decision making process. I told her in Jan. 2010 what the plan was. The plan actually working out hasn't been easy, she doesn't hate me everyday anymore, and we're working on things. (I am currently bribing her with favors, money, lavish gifts and generous compliments to continue being my friend.)

- What does she think about it? 
Let's she what she says "If you are asking this question, then you don’t actually know me at all. If you know me and are asking this, then you are stupid. I wouldn’t recommend talking about this to me unless you want your head handed to you on a platter." If you do ask her I'd LOVE to hear her colorful response to your suicide mission. 

- What do the girls think?
Fred, Jr, & George are very excited. They are seeing this baby through rose colored glasses and can't wait to feed, change, dress, and watch the baby. This is all their idea, every time they talk about caring for the baby I remind them that I managed to care for the 3 of them and My Extra Kid without additional help. They seem skeptical.

- So when will you get sick?
We're hoping with my mom living with us we'll be able to keep my stress and work load lower and things will go better. If it follows the same pattern as the girls then I expect to come to a screeching halt the first of Dec. 

- How could you do this to me??
I understand there are many commitments that I was expected to keep in the upcoming months. I do feel badly that I will not be able to keep those but ElCid and I felt this is what we should be doing with our lives right now. I expect to return to full work load at the end of next summer if things go well, we'll have to see.

- Wow, you're really doing this...
Yep, and we're really very excited. Well, until you do the math and figure out that I'll have a Senior, Sophomore, an 8th grader and a Kindergartener. Then we groan a little and wonder whatever were we thinking, it only lasts a minute and then we go back to being excited.


Choir Director said...

Congrats! We're so excited for you guys:). . . Happy Birthday, too!


AnWanna said...

Think positively! No getting sick this time. You are going to do so well that you are going to stop taking my phone calls cuz I'll be harassing you so much about getting the Dr to let you go longer than 38 weeks!

Grammy said...

Jr and George never got to 38 weeks so it sounds plenty fine to me!
At last I am free to admit I am in Las Vegas after kissing my baby Christopher good bye for 6 1/2 months, NOT a week.
The girls are totally excited and it is fun to be here surrounded by their enthusiastic selves ;-} And Marshmellow xoxoxox

Susan said...

Valinda this is very exciting and frankly all other commitments can wait! I didn't realize you had a hard time with the pregnancy before, so I will be thinking good thoughts for you. You are strong, which is a definite plus. Miss ya! Did you get my b-day text?

Zanne said...

I can't see the video/image because it says it's broken. Am I the only one?


Janell said...