Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's new with us ...

Not a whole lot. 

I took the month of August "off" to get people ready for school, make 11 flower girl dresses, and have a last little bit of summer vacation.

We have all of our school supplies in backpacks by the front door.

George has her birthday all set. King Putt mini golf (indoor, this IS Vegas). We reserved the golf place, bought party favors and planned her cake yesterday. Now we just have to go looking for golfer invitations. 

Jr's party is in the works, she'll be having it at home this year, groan, and it will be Harry Potter themed. Activities will be divided into different classes. So far she has Potions (create your own drink), Transfiguration (cupcake decorating), History of Magic (memory game),  Quidditch (ping pong bounce game), and Herbology (planting flowers or veggies). The guests will of course be sorted into houses and I think they're each supposed to get a well as a wand.

Fred is pretty excited about middle school and has a summer camp coming up in two weeks to get her used to the whole thing. I'm still in denial and plan to live there for the next several years. 

We've been to the library several times, they are still forced to read every day. 

We stay inside a lot, it's still a million degrees outside, not as hot as half the country but still too hot to actually be outside.

Now you're all caught up with our lives, yawn. maybe we'll get more exciting after school starts again.


Wil said...

Dude, it's only August now, you must've done that stuff in July? And I think wands only - that's enough craziness without robes. But transfiguration? You better at least have some cool colors with that.

Karen Valinda said...

and candles that relight themselves! I am way happy to catch up on the news ;-} I have been happy to see fb updates, lets me know you are still alive and kicking xoxoxox

Janell said...

I'm impressed the school supplies are bought. I just realized I only have 20 days until school starts.