Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Break 11

All week I kept telling myself I'd get this done today. 
Today began at 1:30am in the bathroom fighting overwhelming nausea.
I can now sit upright unassisted so here I am getting this done.
I can't be sick tomorrow, I have too much to get done still.

So we went to The Grand Canyon for spring break, I'd never been and I figured it was close and we could camp in a tent like the girls have been begging us to do for years! Spring break was very late this year, it's always the week before Easter and with Easter on the 24th, ElCid was able to come with us, so were Moga and Matey.  The girls LOVED having Matey around and so did I. He had us all laughing all the time. 

day 1 - Monday - Fred got her cast removed!! I took awesome step by step pictures with her brand new Birthday/ Easter present she got early. While trying to figure out how to use her camera she erased all of them. We ran last minute errands, got things put into suitcases, and even more piles accumulated in the front room. We picked up Moga and Matey from the airport, ran a few more errands, packed even more stuff and got some sleep!

day 2 - Tuesday - ElCid took Mellow to the sitter while Moga and I fit everything into/on the car, we even left some room for the people!! I drove the 4 hours to Williams, there was a bit of traffic in Boulder City near Lake Mead but we zoomed over the dam with the bypass bridge, it was great!  We picked a KOA not too far from Williams and arrived with plenty of time to set up while it was still light. Moga also got to use my sweet oven and two guys who were RV camping across the way had to come over and investigate my cool toy.

day 3 - Wednesday - We drove into Williams and rode the train out to the Grand Canyon. I told EVERYONE we will be on the train most of the day, bring something to do. I was very upset when I realized I had left my book at home but was still ok because I had my ipod, until Jr. asked for it. Nobody else believed me. Not even Moga who was VERY sad when we got on board and she discovered it would be a 2 hour ride there and a two hour ride back. We bought playing cards in the gift shop. We had been trying to tell George what the Grand Canyon would be like, she was pretty sure it was a big hole in the ground. I explained it to be similar to the gorge on the way to UT just you walk around the top, not drive at the bottom and the Grand Canyon is much bigger. Once we reached Grand Canyon Village we had lunch at the train depot, we didn't go up at first because I knew once they got to the top there would be no lunch, just playing, begging for souvenirs and picture taking. I was right, I just didn't know they would also be making friends with the squirrels you aren't supposed to feed. We pretty much stayed in the middle portion of the rim that day by the lodge and hotel. It was big and impressive and certainly made you feel a little bit unbalanced, it's huge! George also had to admit it's bigger than a hole in the ground. On the ride home, you get "robbed" which the girls enjoyed, we were all tired out and hotdogs and smores for dinner was a good call. (After leaving the train depot we went to the local Safeway :) and got an ace wrap, all that walking was hard on poor Fred.) Fred's camera was used for in the Canyon that day and is currently MIA once it returns I'll be sure to add those pictures.
day  4 - Thursday - We drove ourselves into the Grand Canyon, it doesn't take two hours and got there about lunch time again. We took the orange shuttle buses (best things ever) to the east side first (because the blue ones were full and Matey needed to ride a bus NOW) and it was a fantastic choice.  We saw different pieces we hadn't seen the day before and got to walk along the rim trail from one shuttle bus stop to another. Fred and ElCid rode the buses all the way so she wouldn't run into the same problems she'd had on Wednesday. After the east side we ventured west and made it all the way to the "end", Hermit's Rest. It was a long day of walking taking pictures and having fun. The weather was perfect, mid 60's, light breeze, and the walk along the rim was breath taking. ElCid feared for his sweet girl's safety a few times but I assured him they were staying way back from the edge as he and Fred rode safely on the roads. On the way back we stopped in Tusayan and had dinner, it was late, we'd been having such a good time. The girls wanted McDonald's but ElCid insisted on a Pizza and Pasta placed, seriously called "We cook pizza and pasta". It was good and they survived the food. :)
day 5 - Friday - Happy birthday Fred!!! We woke up early, it's not hard with the sun coming in the tent like it does. We had breakfast, and packed up while the girls and Matey played. It was easier to get everything back in/on this time. ElCid drove home and we had another uneventful trip. Fred chose Cane's for dinner where I was treated to a lapful of soda and then Moga watched the girl's while ElCid and I escaped for a hot date to Borders.


Karen Valinda said...

Buh asked, "Borders? As in books and music?"
Wonderful pictures and narative, certainly hope you are feeling better and are up to your busy week ahead!!!
wv: micho, the younger less generous cousin of mucho!

Kathy said...

blah, blah. You had fun without me. Blah, blah, blah, you had more fun without me.

An Wanna said...

I was guessing Jr would be appreciative of all the info on rocks. So did you sleep the same place every night? Did you leave your text up & stuff there?