Monday, May 9, 2011

Are You my Mother?

I love that book, especially the SNORT, because my mom would do fantastic sound effects and tickle us when she said SNORT. My mom is great and she tries really hard everyday to do the right thing for her kids, even the ones who are poops ;) She is always there when we need her and sometimes when we don't but that just means she loves us and she cares.

I spent this weekend in St. George because ElCid's mom graduated from college. She's great too. She takes me in stride and loves me just the same. She is a wonderful example to my girls who know it's never to late to get a degree and girls can work on computers too!!

I got myself the iPhone for Mother's Day, ElCid was going to do it but he's not authorized on my cell account so I did it for him. :) It's been fun playing with it, figuring out everything that it does and everything that I need on it! 

I could expound on and on about my phone all the amazing moms who have influenced me over the years and I appreciate all they did to raise me. I also appreciate my friends who show me regularly how to be a better/different mom and keep me sane while I raise my own kids! Hope you all had a happy mother's day!


Brent said...

I shall print and enshrine this post and flash it at you when I have the squirrels hit you up for that $200 ;-Þ
I love you and am happy you had a nice Mother's Day and a wonderful useful gift from your loving husband and children ;-} xoxoxox

Grammy said...

I forgot I was on Brent's computer... he is NOT after your $200, I promise! It is I, your mother, in Brent disguise-apparently. (But I smell far better ;-)