Saturday, May 14, 2011

March 26, 1998

Something I have to forgive myself for, accepting a date with a guy I only knew just a little bit, from work. It ended up being the worst date of my entire life. 

I'd been on plenty of dates before that, and many more after but it is seared into my memory. 

I paid for the stupid ice cream, it was really good ice cream but I've never had that kind since, I just can't. 

There were RED flags all over the place but I chose to ignore them thinking I could get out when I wanted to. I didn't. 

I wore a brand new sweater and didn't wear it again for a year, I wore it once more after ElCid and I were married and saw the guy and nearly had a nervous breakdown, was taken home to change and I destroyed the sweater. 

Someday I will forgive myself for being a stupid teenager but until that night stops haunting me, I keep working on it. 

ElCid knew about the whole thing before we got married, telling him was the HARDEST thing I had ever done. He took it in stride and never held it against me, he just wanted to hunt the guy down and harm him seriously.

So there you go, day 3.