Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A weekend with Kathy

This weekend we went to St. George because Kathy and her family can't come to our house because of the dumb dog. Stupid Mutt.
The day started off with Girl Scouts, we learned about animals, luckily there is a little farm across the street from the school where they meet. Yeah, that's So. Utah for you.
We left the munchkins with their dads and set off into town (no really, they go into town) stopping first at Fabulous Freddy's. Driving 100 miles a day on salted roads does sad things to Kathy's car.
While we waited I had nothing better to look at besides Kathy's unpainted toes and a man sporting shorts with leggings.
There was a stop in the ghetto, who knew St. George had one of those?
Next we went to the mall. We had a ring checked for size.
We used the bathroom, apparently it is door optional, there was also a 10 yr old boy in the women's bathroom with his mom.
This is the food court outside the bathroom, can you find the food?
Kathy's anniversary is this weekend so she tried on lingerie
And we both tried on bras
Later that night we were sent to the store for ice cream. We also found a future Cake Wreck.
On Sunday Kathy finally painted her toes, and we paid attention in Sunday School.
Sunday night we had a party for Lala's hubby. There was a pinata, and everyone got a turn!
We got home late Sunday after an unexciting car trip, which was fine with me because I was seriously grouchy after a full weekend of fun!!


An Wanna said...

At least when they go into town there are actually store there!

Kathy said...

Hey, all those pictures make me look halfway decent! Oh, yeah-What is with the banana pops? Hmm? My toes are awesome. Don't judge. I am not totally ghetto. I painted them before church.

Karen Valinda said...

OK, I am not sure which is worse the pictures of you "trying on" bras OR that no one has commented on said pictures, Yeesh girl! Didn't your mother teach you ANY tact, couth, modesty, manners?!?!?!?
glad you had fun with Aunt Kathy

HunDuddle Hussy said...

halfway decent? what the crap are u talking about? u always look perfectly decent nerd.

love the story with these pictures, i felt like i was on the trip with yall. oh and my face was red. yea...behave children, behave.

Katie Gubler said...

It was so fun having you all up :)