Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phone Tag Tuesday

I'm back for the Tuesday Link Up. I've been sick, running like crazy and trying to sleep!

Fire Drill at the post
The WORST idea ever. You can barely fit the cart between the chips and the freezer door. How am I supposed to fit myself, the cart and the open door in that space??
There's a tiger toy hanging off the back, just like in Toy Story 3 :)
100 Day for school, her 100 cupcake papers tricked the class.
The items were in a brown paper bag. She gave them clues to help them guess.
Cinderella in her dress, before I trimmed it all off. She's standing on a table. I already rebuilt the top.
My Fred!! She the single picture right in the middle of it all.
It's like Valentines Day threw up in there, but they did have several items I need for the play so they were forgiven, mostly.
I need this. We have NO legos at our house at all whatsoever but I need this.
ElCid's Valentines Lunch, we went to Cheesecake Factory. 
He was being cultured and ordered the grilled eggplant sandwich.
I wasn't so cultured and had the Southern Fried Chicken sliders. I also had them for dinner!
My present from ElCid, he's so thoughtful when I buy my presents for him :)
Our present to the girls, we got them HexBugs. Toys I'd never seen until we went to UT and the girls LOVE them!

That's all for me, what's on your phone??


Charity said...

Loving the lego sorter! And I wish we had Cheesecake factory up here!!! I need it!

Candace said...

Love the Cinderella dress!! You r so talented!!

Karen Valinda said...

My old eyes miss being able to enlarge the pictures ;-Þ
Love lunch, did ElCid enjoy his?
HEX BUGS ? Buh sez a kid at church had one so he is claiming to be "in" on the latest toy...

Karen Valinda said...

Hey! If you hold down Ctrl and scroll with the wheel on the mouse even old eyes can see ;-}
Sorry for whining Ddonn xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

I think Jr looked better in the dress...

Tami said...

You could have the Lego tub be a cookie jar.