Thursday, January 13, 2011

She can SEEEEEE!!!

Fred has always loved glasses. She has had a pair of fake glasses for several years that ECid found her at Claire's. She started saying things were fuzzy far away late last summer but I wasn't sure if she was serious so I put her off and off and off. You know one of those, I'm a great mommy tactics.

At the start of the school year she complained that the board was fuzzy so I told her I'd get her an appointment, 3 months later on a day that she was home sick I had her look up the Dr. online and I called. Not just for the fuzzy factor but because her pupils are often 2 different sizes and it concerned me.

Last Friday we went to the Dr. (a guy in our ward that I do community theater with as well) and she had a great time during the exam (no really, she did) and then an even better time picking out her glasses. Her left eye is -1.75 and her right is -2.25. Huh, I guess all that complaining was real. 

Here she was this afternoon, ecstatic with her new glasses, and oh yeah she can seeee!!
I remembered getting my glasses and being super excited that I could see the leaves on trees. All the way to Border's she kept pointing things out that she could see, it was very cute. I bought her a few books to read with her new glasses and she is happy as a clam, especially since Jr and George can't wear these glasses!


Tine said...

Super cute!

Karen Valinda said...

But the picture is blurry!
I love you Ddonn, put down the stick.
Le was going to beat your grandmother with her own kite today, Grammy-w-Eddie was "helping" her.
Stop laughing!
I love the discovering vision experiences, my own was discovering you could actually see buttons from far away, serious.

Karen Valinda said...

I love Fred's eyes! Her glasses (lenses)don't shrink her eyes, good deal!