Friday, January 14, 2011

An "ackally" kind of momnet

My favorite mispronunciation when the girls were little was - ackally - it is far better than the snotty actually with all the tone I get now.

Last night Fred was frantically looking for "Copper-nick-us". I was very confused and not following until exasperated she said "Copper-nick-us, my poster of the guy who said the plants go around the sun!" Laughing I directed her to the poster behind the futon. I also let her know the name is pronounced Co-pern-a-kiss and if an oral presentation was part of the project she should say it that way.

It's nice to know that even as she gets bigger we'll still have ackally kind of moments.

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Karen Valinda said...

It's genetic. Tell her about eckel- sigh-ates for me sometime. Right there in the Old Testament! And I was 12 or 13, a Beehive.