Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We've got Talent - Yes we do!

Last night was the Talent Show and it was lots of fun. All three girls preformed and they were FABULOUS! You can see just how good they were for yourself.
George sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and stole the show.
 Jr. played the piano, she pauses at the beginning for a quick photo for the yearbook.
Fred sang How to Believe.She got to sing her song twice. The first time the mic didn't pick her up properly. The second time the mic picked her up better but I wasn't able to remove the vocals from the song so I made her sing it at home so you can actually hear her. The awesome "hula" actions were not part of her performance they were added after she ate a whole stick of Starburst.
I was shocked the first 3 videos loaded so of course the one of her on stage won't load but if it does I'll put it up


Kathy said...

George is so cute! Her dress seriously was perfect. Great singing!

JR sounded so awesome on that piano-keep up the good work! Her hair is absolutely fabublous!

Fred-Dang girl. You can sing! Your parents should be a little worried because you have the moves,too.

Karen Valinda said...

Note to self: NO starbursts for Fred~
They were all 3 amazing, I love JR's hair, the blue of Fred's dress and the shining beauty that is George!

Linda said...

Love, Love, Loved the talent show!!! Wish we could have been there so thanks for sharing. Give those beautiful women great big hugs from Grandpa and me!

An Wanna said...

I like the added hula parts. And it is sad that even the 6 yr old sings better than I do. For now I think I can match Jr's piano skillz but I am sure she will pass me up soon...

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE!!!

All three ladies performed beautifully! Well done!