Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Time for Tuesdays with Jessica!

Little Lovie, cozy on the couch.
 A ... fountain at a shopping center.
 Matey's Christmas present
 I liked this, a lot.
 George went to a Birthday Party and got a ring pop. She happily popped it in her mouth declaring "Look Mom! It's a This!" ("This" is what she called a pacifier) I wonder if she will ever get over the fact that we took her pacifier away.
 ElCid at his work party.
 Me at ElCid's work party.
 The pretty dessert at ElCid's work party.
 The yummy baby boy at ElCid's work party! He is 3 months old and had the best smile and was super good. His mom reassured me he isn't like that all the time.


Kris said...

The bumper sticker rocks. And the desert looks all yummy and beautiful. That mom probably lied - she got the only well behaved in public kid! Thanks for sharing....

julielollar said...

Your girlies are super cute!

Its so funny the names that kids give their pacies. My niece calls it her ohweohweoh.

That baby is so precious!

Sara Miller said...

Is it me, or does that fountain look like a urinal? We call our pacifier a binx. Not a binky, but a binx. "This" is awesome and I may use it in the future!

Jennifer said...

I think the fountain looks like a urinal too...
Looks like a great party - yummy desserts and scrumptious babies. =)

Estell said...

haha I would buy the bumper sticker..
the fountain does look like a potty Ive gotta agree with the above lol
But the baby at the end is just too cute!! Hes gonna be adorable forever Im sure lol

Mama Mia said...

i agree, the fountain does most definitley look like a urinal.
one of my kids called his pacifier a 'blue', and the other called it a 'woewoe'.
cute pictures!

An Wanna said...

I like Matey's present! Neat fountain... And did you steal the baby? If so you should share him with me!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Sweet bumper sticker!!! And dessert! Yumm!

TheDivaMommy said...

Yup. Urinal fountain.

Don't you just love to play with other people's babies?

Kathy said...

I love little Lovie!

Urinal fountain with what appears to be a spy cam or a peephole.

Cute present! The last baby puzzle thingy I bought got pooped on.

Awesome bumper sticker.

Laughing my bum off about "this."

Cute couple!

Jealous of your dessert.

Definitely a yummy baby.

HunDuddle Hussy said...

i wish i was cozy on the couchwith no one buggin ME.

ok the fountain? did i t happen to be in the boys bathroom? wtc?

and the work party seems so dark and mysterious.

see u next time!

The WholeFamDamily said...

i need to give my hubby a "this"...like 90% of the time. it would make me have time to sit on the couch and be cozy like little lovie!
do you remember we met at the cbc? just checkin'. cute family! not so cute urinal posing as a fountain...

zoo keeper said...

urinals are creepy and the fountain is creepy.
yeah for work parties ;o)
i don't have problems with my pacifier kids it's my thumb suckers that are going to be the death of me!