Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taking a Break

Well I haven't quite beat Bejeweled 3 yet but if this post takes too long to show up people will get bored and move on, so here it is, Christmas 2010!

The night before pictures, ahh the calm before the storm.
People taking slow inventory of all the stuff. Jr, just admired her doll closet, Fred by her new bike from Grammy, Grandma & Grandpa and George by her baby doll stroller (from Granma & Granpa), made for 2 babies!
There were vouchers from Abuelo and Abuelita for Disney on Ice Tickets, (the tickets will come next week) along with toys to play with until the event.

Me and my new food processor, yay for kitchen toys!
George and Jr. opening their fancy doll clothes
Jr with her doll bed and new American Girl Doll! Her name is Lizzy.
Mellow and his toys. He loved all the treats in his stocking and tried to steal everyone's small stuffed animals all day long!
George opening her green Kung Zhu
Thanks Little Uncle Drox for the Fuzzoodles!!
ElCid opening HALO Reach, he also got HALO ODST
Jr with her Heelys from Granma & Granpa. George with her Squwinkies.
Fred figuring out why she would need a Netbook mouse!!!!!
Because she has a Netbook!
Jr's book from Grammy
George and her new baby dolls! Ginger and Alli
My funny little Jr. ECSTATIC over her automatic soap dispenser...yep she really was this excited.
 We all had a good day playing with new toys, Wii games, watching new movies and hanging out together. I think they all got what they wanted, and then some (Fred). ElCid and I had fun watching them open presents and even got a few things each of us really wanted too. It was a good day, hopefully this coming week will be just as good!

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Safire said...

Looks like fun! Glad your girls all had a great time! And it looks like you got what you wanted too!