Sunday, December 5, 2010


 No really folks! I've finally made it to a lucky number and I have something happy to post!
Making Christmas!
 ~ Introducing Snowflake CandyCane ~
 The Stocking are hung ... in between the window and piano... too bad we don't have a fire place.
George picked ballet slippers this year
 Jr and her Ariel collection. She's always happy to have one more Ariel to add each year. There have been 2 years she picked something else but that was a long time ago.
 Fred hanging her ornament, she picked Harry Potter since she read all 7 books and got to see the midnight showing this year!
 The family ornament this years "talks" each day telling the Christmas Story
Jr and George not playing with the guys.
 If you look closely you can see presents from Santa under the tree. They still ask for one to be labeled from him. I still have it be socks and underwear.
Are you ready for Christmas???


An Wanna said...

No wonder you don't do Santa - he has boring gifts!

Kathy said...

A-Your Christmas tree is awesome!
B-Your Santa is SUPER boring. Good freakin' grief! and
C-are your lights bigger than normal lights? They look bigger and I like them.

Heidi said...

Can I come to your house for Christmas? You have lots of presents under your tree:) Ours is REALLY bare!

Karen Valinda said...

First - the baby was born "4pmish" 5 December 2010 "At home"10:33pm) "All is well"the info I have so far
Making Christmas
We are not as ready as you are, but we are working on it! Since I live with two allergic-to-trees people in a smaller house this year, I bought a faux tree. I suppose he is Wally 'cause JE and I found him at WalMart, I will ask JE when I pick him up for karate this afternoon ;-}
Everything looks beautiful!
My tree only has the angel on top and I have out the board with hooks for stockings which is going on the boys' living room window sill as soon as I find the "Christmas" C clamps *o^

Zanne said...

The top half of my tree is decorated - it took all week to get that far. Does that count? There are no presents yet. I was originally hoping to buy a house for Christmas, and it doesn't fit under a tree. So, now I guess I need to start shopping. Your tree and the new ornaments are beautiful.

Linda said...

Beautiful! Fred got another haircut? cute!