Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Have a Family Too!!!

  Hey look! It's MY family!!!
I DO have a family!!! And here is proof. PICTURE proof!!
My parents had 6 kids, (2 sets of three, there's a 4+ year gap between Wil and Nan) this is us in reverse birth order...Drox, Moga, Wil, Nan, Me, Brent.
The whole family, all together, it's not nearly as overwhelming as ElCid's family ;)
It's been fun, we should all do this again.
Maybe next year at my house for Thanksgiving?


An Wanna said...

Sounds fun but I plan to be busy in an apprenticeship next fall!

Karen Valinda said...

Incredible but true, you all grew up! Look at my awesome grandchildren, too cute for words ;-}

Kathy said...

Wait...what? You have a family? Like an actual, tangible, real-life family? Outside of St. George? I am so confused.