Sunday, November 21, 2010

Safe and Sound

Fred is back safe & sound and full of fun camp stories.

I will see if I can get her to post pictures and some of her story. (Stop laughing! That's not nice!)

We had George's turkey for dinner tonight and she actually ate the portion I gave her, will wonders never cease?!

Tomorrow will be busy with ElCid's work lunch, I have big hopes of remembering to change my shirt before I go and not be puked on while I'm there. PTSO meeting, we're finally supposed to update the bylaws, we'll have to see how much we get done. I'm also supposed to work on Rapunzel!

Once Rapunzel is done I will be able to pack for our long weekend away in UT, unless one of the girls get sick... no one even has a runny nose, or sneezing, I'm quickly losing hope.


An Wanna said...

So the work lunch post is probably going to be boring this year... Sad i liked the other ones they were exciting. Well at least for those of us who weren't there they were fun.

Karen Valinda said...

boring is good

unlike sliding on snow and hitting a nice man's bumper
wv:spled,describes how you gain speed after hitting a patch of ice-even on level terrain-and your vehicle becomes a huge out of control sled
after she hit the patch of ice she spled over the curb