Monday, November 22, 2010

LLT Thanksgiving Lunch

It was nice and quiet. ElCid brought me my plate, a plate without Turkey, just Ham.

Why no Turkey? you ask. Well, while no one barfed or dumped soda on me I had already cleaned up barf 4 times last night, DOG BARF (that reeked of turkey).

Yes, Mellow ate something (turkey junk from the trash?) and puked all night long. I got NO sleep. I ran 2 stop lights on total and complete accident. I realized after I did it both times, oh wait, I didn't have an arrow/that was a red arrow.

ElCid just called and apparently he'll (the dog) live. Now I get to go and get him.

Our plans for Thursday and this weekend are totally up in the air depending on how the next few days go.

Why was it, that I didn't want a dog? Oh yeah - for reasons like this! Safire was right having a dog is so great!


Kathy said...

So glad that my life will never be dictated by an animal. I hope you are able to get your tush up here, though.

Karen Valinda said...

why does a barfy dog mean no turkey?
why is ham barf proof?
Why did we have doubts about ElCid living or not?
I am SO confused but Moga has an apartment and some of her stuff is even there...despite the snow

Safire said...

Why didn't you just lock him out of the house and go back to bed? It's not even cold could totally get away with it.

Sorry you had a rough night with the dog. That can be good...but they are a lot of work. :)

An Wanna said...

Totally would've locked the dog outside. Anyone who argued with you about it could have taken the wake up to take care of the dog shift