Sunday, September 12, 2010

I would say she's excited...

but that would be a tad bit redundant and totally unnecessary. If you can't read first grader the sentence in the red box (which I added much to her dismay) is "No! 5 I'm trne (turning) 6". Her name was in the balloons but for safety reasons I erased it. Which enticed a major riot on her part.

As retaliation to the name removal I was just delivered this. I'm SO excited for her to be a teenager!!

Tonight for FHE George made a game for us to play, she had activity. In the game we all had our initial on a party hat, we made our way to the party along the ladder and sidewalk. Surprisingly enough George won the game.

She also drew a picture of the Birthday Girl - Herself and a friend and whoever is the nicest to her this week wins the picture at the end of the week. Both of her sisters were glared at so they both looked excited at that prospect.

The official day is Friday - she will be 6! As she mentioned before. Her big party isn't until the 24th and it will be at Build - A - Bear again, she can hardly wait!


Kathy said...

If I am nice to her at the party, do I get the picture?

Karen Valinda said...

Aunt Kathy stole my question! Only I was going to have to be nice to her long distance...
I am sad you "made" her cry Ddonn - her pictures are VERY graphic and easy to 'read'. Those tears are SO compelling. I can't believe you didn't repent!
I love seeing first grader art ;-}