Monday, September 13, 2010

Help a girl out!

My friend Safire, who I know in real life, in fact I even met her before she had a blog, {I was a major brat but she is a much bigger person than I am, no really she's like 6 feet tall, and forgave me for being a brat and now we're friends, well I like to think we are :)} is in a contest for a picture of hers that I LOVE. If you love it too help her out and vote for her in the So NOT dumb Summer Photo Contest.
Do not, by the way, enter her giveaway, because I'd like to win :) Happy birthday Safire!


Kathy said...

I am sure you know that was a very long, run-on sentence, But, I thought I would tell you anyway. I do like the picture as well.

Karen Valinda said...

Awesome picture!
you were a young and foolish brat, she would have had to be a bigger brat Not to forgive you.
wv: uncychi - cychi resembles psyche and I was staying clear of what inspired your bratness so it caught me by surprise ;-Þ

Safire said...

Thanks friend. Because I think we are!