Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Toy Story 3 has gotten to me. I went looking for my camp necklace and while I was digging I came across some toys I've been keeping for a very long time. Teeny Tiny toys I put away knowing someday I'd have kids to play with them. I put them away long before Fred ever came on the scene.

This one given to me by Susan. We would give each other the Polly Pocket because they were cute and little. This set is Mint-in-the-Box, hopefully they will adjust to being out of the plastic okay.

Moga thinks these next two belonged to Wil. I don't think so.

Jr. and George just came over all excited that some of the items lift out and are stamps! I shocked them by lifting the picnic table to expose mini ink pads, that still work. :0

This had a Demitri once upon a time, I'm not sure where he got to.

See - Belle has always been my favorite.
The little figures even "dance" around when you turn that one column.

I'm sure in no time flat they will lose a piece and I will have to tell myself to remain calm they are just toys and this is why I saved them, so my monkeys could have fun with them.


An Wanna said...

I think Anastasia might have been your cuz you were the one who got the music box right? But I gotta agree with Moga that the other might have been Wil's not that she cares or misses it....

Super Happy Girl said...

I LOVE Polly Pockets :)

Whenever I hear those words I think
♪♫Hot pockets ♪♫ (which I don't like, but whatever)

Karen Valinda said...

If it wasn't Wil's then you gave it to her when you "outgrew" it because I definitely remember her playing with it and bossing Tiney(Moga) about it ;-}
Belle I think was yours, and Anastasia I connect with you, you did love the movie, and Demitri *sigh*
I am very impressed you are willing to let the squirrels enjoy them, it would be hard! but that is what love and being a mommy IS, eh?

Susan said...

You were smart and saved you Polly Pocket. I played with mine for years, and I still have her somewhere!