Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Build - A - Bear , errr uhm ...puppy

We took Matey to Build - A - Bear today so he could make a friend to take home and remember us by. Well we'll remember he made it with us, he'll just have to believe his momma. :) He had a great time picking his bear which ended up being a puppy. He had an even better time filling it full of hearts!

I think his puppy ended up with 7 hearts! It was so funny to see him happily tuck them into the backside of the puppy and go back for more, he had all girls laughing so of course he did it again and again!

Once his puppy had all the hearts a dog could need Moga announced it was time to get clothes for him and Matey turned around and dutifully started picking from a rack behind him.

He didn't end up in the sparkly patriotic clothes Matey chose, Moga looked around and found a kilt, wife beater, aviators and flip flops so the puppy could be dressed in thePirate's favorite get-up.

As always I ended up somehow spending more than I thought I would (It's worse than S@m's Club, I swear) but everybody was good and happy with what they chose.

Moga and Matey go home in the morning, the very early morning and we have tickets to Tarzan at Tuachan tomorrow night.

I dropped my sewing machine off at the fix it shop on our way home from BAB and I get to call them tomorrow afternoon to see what the damage will be - Yuck!


Karen Valinda said...

where is a picture of the finished puppy? And what did my squirrels do? and who is Tarzan of Tuachan? And my cutie and Matey are headed to see his other Grandma so she can have the fun of living with the hearty toilet explorer - he won't be home for another week and THEN he will be packing up to go to his new home which will include his Daddy in a short while!!! xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

10 bucks says if no one had stopped him that heart thing would have been emptied and there would have been no need to stuff the dog with anything else. Matey is a pro at putting things into other things. He can even put money into a piggy bank!

Super Happy Girl said...

Sever hearts. Awesome.
That puppy is made out of happy.

Hillary said...

Sarah still LOVES her build-a-bear with Fred, Jr and George's "I love yous" He'll love it forever!