Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More boring lists

I finished Cinderella, posted Frog Princess, wrote - copied - delivered the teacher craft letter, ordered DARE shirts, did a little laundry, printed packing lists, and helped out at ASU.

Here is what their list looks like for this trip,
I retype it for each trip.

I do go through their stuff once it's packed to make sure the outfits are Mommy approved but it really helps them understand what they need when we go places and it gives them some ownership over the whole process.

Today's list to get done -
~ Make food for ElCid ~
~ Laundry & Dishes ~
~Post Cinderella~
~ Clean house ~


Safire said...

That's a great list! I like the pictures. Maybe when my kids get older they'll do this too.

An Wanna said...

You list is too cute! I should have you make lists for me when I travel.

Katie Gubler said...

What a great list idea :) Very cool!