Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting things together

Last week was seriously overloaded and I have 5 little days before we're off on Spring Break to S.F.!! I just hope my awful allergies know they aren't going to slow me down this week I'm on a mission!!

Things to do today
~ Cinderella bodice & 2 chokers ~
~ Find suitcases and print packing lists for the girls ~
~ Post Frog Princess ~
~ Laundry & Dishes ~
~ Make food for ElCid to have while we're gone ~


Zanne said...

Poor ElCid Doesn't get to go? I'm guessing it's because he is practically living at the office around this time of year? I am way impressed that you make packing lists for your kids.

Linda said...

Good luck! Lots of work but so much fun :-)!!!

Hillary said...

Hurry Hurry Hurry! 5 days can't go fast enough. We can't wait to see you. Sarah was asking again if her kids were coming TODAY.

An Wanna said...

Poor sad El Cid stuck at home while you have fun!