Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When concocting brilliant plans...

I lock myself (and occasionally my kids) out of the house on a more frequent basis than I'd like to admit to. Today was one of those days. I had a friend call and ask if George could come play after school and that was great but I still had to take lunch money for Jr. who was getting close to the icky cheese sandwich point of her overdue lunch money (I seriously dislike the new lunch lady, she NEVER sends home a note telling me my kid is overdue).

I get out of the house with Alice, the tape, the box, the shipping labels, my purse, my water bottle, the bills to post and NOT my keys. The house is locked from the garage to the house and of course the front door. The set of spare keys I usually have went into the house 2 weeks ago and I never brought them back out again.

I'm stuck.

There is a spare key stashed in the backyard just in case of such a situation but I've never had to use it. To get to it I would have to scale the five foot block wall. I got a 10 gal. bucket out of the garage and managed to get myself over the fence. I was all sorts of proud until I realized I would have to go BACK over the fence, the back door is a sliding glass door! I found another 10 gal bucket (yay for food storage!) in the back yard and got back over the fence. By the way the fence is very unstable, be careful or it might just come down on you.

Once safely on the ground again I got into the house took the spare keys off the hook and put them back in their place, grabbed the real keys and vowed to find a new spot for the hidden house key!

George went somewhat happily off to have lunch and play, Jr. didn't have icky cheese sandwich for lunch and in the future when I concoct brilliant plans I will try them out before it's an emergency just to make sure they really do work!


Kathy said...

That was just as funny reading about it as it was to hear about it earlier.

Kathy said...

HAHAHAHA! Still laughing at you...

WV: icationo-a vault used for five-foot cinder block walls. It is not recommended to icationo without training.

Karen Valinda said...

I kept a spare house key in the car when JE and I lived alone together because I would constantly leave my purse in the house, he would lock the door and we would have to use the car key in the magnetic under the car box to open the car, get the house key and get my purse. My favorite was when he would misplace his key, use mine and then take it to school with him. More than once in middle school I had to have them call him out of class to retrieve my key! The 'car' spare would be in his room, his key would be "somewhere" usually a jeans pocket and the spare spare which belonged in my purse would be with him at school... but I never had to climb a wall ;-}
wv:perehos - the best shoes for scaling/vaulting five foot cinder block walls
What??? Aunt Kathy started it!

Zanne said...

Scaling walls sounds fun when you are a kid, not so much when you are an adult. I am glad that the fence held and you weren't hurt. Your post makes me wonder if I should have a spare key...the one time I got locked out I had to walk a few miles to BYU and get a key from Werty while he was at work. Now that he works in SLC and we have a child, walking to his place of work isn't really an option anymore. I am really glad that Jr didn't have to eat the yucky cheese. Doesn't the school have some kind of dialer system? I know when students are absent, the school auto calls the home with a recorded msg. They should have a recorded msg that tells you when your child's lunch account is out of funds. You could even volunteer to record the msg as PTSO pres.

BTW - it's snowing - too bad you aren't here to enjoy it.

Emily said...

Thanks for the heads up to try emergency plans ahead of time. I'm glad you got your key.