Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Visit to St. George

I always take my camera with us to UT and rarely ever remember to use it. Lucky for me Fred, Kafra & Jr made sure some pictures were taken!

Kafra babysitting Will & Jr with her new ring

Magnificent Lego towers!

Kathy & Toadwatt

Playing games

Kafra & Fred chased each other all over trying to snap pics of each other.

Mallow helping me put the new handles on the cupboards.

My Mom, Hill and my MIL went in together and got me handles for my kitchen! I put it off for years because I never had enough money to do it all at once (I needed 27 and these were $5 each). After Halloween when Hill swapped me cleaning the kitchen for sewing costumes (she'll think twice about doing that again ;) she insisted I NEEDED hardware for my kitchen and while I did my best to put it off for another four years she got the job done, and it looks very nice. The pictures below show the old handle on the bottom drawer and the new ones on all the rest. The handle on the bottom drawer was stubborn to come off, it had been bent so it was the only one left on for the last four years. It now matches all the rest.

I have also decided to do stained concrete for the floor in that room and I'm learning more about it so I can get it to coordinate with the slate colors on the island.


Willis Party of 6 said...

You should've had them put on all the handle for you too!

Glad your family had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

Hillary said...

They look great. And don't forget Kim - she got 6 for you for your Christmas present :)

Le said...

Your relatives are funny! Anyway tell Kafra and Fred that I love their camera work!

Karen Valinda said...

As soon as people here contribute I will let you know so you can add their names to the "thank you for drawer pulls list" I know Moga and Matey will ;-}
I have been afraid to check Le's facebook page to see if she followed thru on her threat! :-Þ
They look beautiful Ddonn and stained concrete sounds cool. Carol did that for Blackwood Manor, the downstairs English Pub room appears to have paving stones but it is concrete... she would love to tell you how, she's like that. xoxoxox

The Lowe Family said...

love all the pics. the new hardwarre lookds great. it takes off YEARS from the dresser. i needa do that to some of my stuff.