Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Sanctuary

The dumb dog follows me EVERYWHERE. Especially in the kitchen, I've stepped on him numerous times as he insists on sitting directly behind me. Tonight he literally had his grody chin on my foot. He was shooed each time he thought he ought to be that close to me but came back to share more ... love? We're slowly trying to integrate him into the rest of the house but I have one place he will NEVER be allowed, my office. The picture is his view into MY space. He will come and try to dig under the gate. He lays there and sleeps. Sometimes he just sits and watches me. I am safe behind the gate.

Keep hoping dumb dog but don't hold your breath, it's never gonna happen!


Tine said...

lol. love ya V

An Wanna said...

poor sad puppy.

Karen Valinda said...

Sorry Mellow, I don't see me letting you thru either. Although I might take refuge behind the gate when visiting ;-}

Zanne said...

Do you know why he follows you around? YOU are the alpha dog in your household and he knows it. You are the 'leader of the pack.' You are home more than ElCid and you run things in the eyes of Mallow. Ebony does the same at Sue's house. Congrats on being Mallow's leader, now he will follow you anywhere. :P