Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nurture vs. Nature

While scientist still debate what plays a bigger roll in a personality, nurture or nature, I have no doubt that my little darlings came prewired to settings I had NOTHING to do with.

When we found out Fred was a girl I was very much against her entire life being covered in pink. I had seen baby girls at the daycare come smothered in pink everyday of their lives and I didn't want that for my baby so I told people we didn't know what she was and to give us something gender neutral, blue, green or yellow. It worked, we got tons of fun clothes and items in colors I could live with!

A year later Fred learned to talk at a very early age and one of her very first words was ... pink! She could spot anything pink 2 blocks away and would let you know it was there. Pink! Pink! Pink! She requested pink, clothes, toys, shoes and treats. I was powerless to sway her and she would strip naked and bring me pink clothes she would rather wear if she wasn't in the mood for what I dressed her in.

Tonight was the talent show at school Fred opted not to be in it this year but my brave little Jr. tried out and got in all on her own. She sang a song from Bolt, Barking at the Moon, the one that plays when they're traveling in the house. The twangy country song that plays while they are traveling in the house. While mine and ElCid's "song" happens to be country it isn't twangy country. Jr. would not be swayed. This was her song, and she was gonna sing it! She also insisted that her outfit include a cowgirl hat and boots. Neither of which we own so I went begging to my friends and found boots and a hat for free! Thanks Tamra and Diana you guys are checkbook savers!

Here's the little darling before we left, she loved her bouncy curly hair.

Here is the video I accidentally took sideways - sorry!
(having technical difficulties check back later)

Here she is again at the end of the show.

Way to go Lovie!!


Kathy said...

Yay! She looks very cute.

Tine said...

She certainly looks cute- I can't wait for the video to hear her!

Karen Valinda said...

But Ddonn, you don't say HOW she did! (This is Grammy NOT waiting patiently for the video) Did she remember all the words? Was she on tune? Was she relaxed and responsive to the audience? Inquiring Grammy wants to know!
Good job JR ! ! !

wv: sonit : the video isn't up yet but Ddonn'sonit

An Wanna said...

I know another thing your girls have that has nothing to do with you (or your side of the family) long legs!

I like the sparkly hat it is sparkilicious! I heard that word on a radio ad last week and have been waiting for a chance to use it!

Zanne said...

LOL at her liking a country song. Somehow my baby sister listens to country. Earlier this year we did a cloze exercise with an oldie "Little Red Riding Hood" in my ESL class, and I got "Ugh, this is a COUNTRY song. You listen to country teacher." No, I do NOT! was my gut reaction. Anything that isn't rap must be country to them. Remember blond Bill from ST? When he asked if I liked country music, and I said Sorry, no, his response was, "That's okay, everyone comes around to it eventually." She does look cute, and Bolt is a fun movie! I'm sure she was wonderful!