Saturday, December 12, 2009

Frog Princess

I've already made two versions of the dress and today we saw the movie.

It was good and I love that they went back to good old fashioned hand drawn work, next year Rapunzel will be computer animated. It was downright creepy at a few points, George asked to go home, and I'm not sure if there really were latex helium filled balloons in 1920 ish but all 3 girls gave it 2 thumbs up and a "I want that on DVD"!


An Wanna said...

"The latex balloons we're more familiar today were first manufactured by J.G. Ingram in1847 London. Mass productions of latex balloons didn't occur until the 1930s."

And the notes say early balloons had hydrogen but was quickly replaced by helium.

So it's possible.

Karen Valinda said...

I want a helium balloon! JonE and friends saw the movie Friday night and they liked it but thought it had some scary parts... and THEY are "big kids" so George had good reason!
Going to the doctor this morning... the Primary president is going to be SO excited about that~ whew!
wv:poing~How Sister F will feel when I call her in a minute.

Safire said...

Cute dresses! I'm thinking of taking Butterfly to this...too scary?

The Lowe Family said...

i am in LOVE with this dress. i've decided i want THIS for my giveawqay and then when u send it to me i'll keep it and never give it to anyone.