Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lessons Learned in the Last Eleven Years

Eleven years ago, it was even a Tuesday, ElCid and I were sealed for time and eternity in the Seattle Temple. It was a hectic day and flew by in a huge blur. I still remember a few of the little things that made it all perfect.

MyZanne did my hair up and it actually stayed thanks to the magic brown hair syrup. She sat in the waiting room at the temple with all of mine and ElCid's siblings so she could be there with me.

Krysti slipped into the room at the very last second and made the list of people who loved me and available for attendance complete. Later she created amazing treats for the reception.

When Fletch hugged me after the ceremony was done he promised me that one day David would make it to the temple too, and he was right David began his own eternal family Jan. 01.

My brand new in laws bought us the most amazing lunch at a fabulous restaurant right on the waterfront.

My Dad remembered the day we had spent on the beach talking "about" ElCid.

ElCid told everyone how much he loved me at the lunch and nearly cried. :)

Carolyn made sure Jim gave me a screaming deal on all my pictures. She also wouldn't let him give me a really hard time when ElCid and I showed up 20 minutes late to take pictures. It was traffic - I SWEAR.

My Grandpa made me the most perfect yellow and navy blue cake ever!

My Aunt Sandy worked day and night to make the most amazing decorations my budget would buy. I still have my bouquet hanging on my wall, I see it every morning when I wake up.

My Mom made dresses for my sisters even though she was very stressed out.

My family was there and all of them behaved and got along for a few short hours. That was all I asked.


Since that one happy day there have been a lot of good days, several downright evil days, and 2583 just regular days. Here are a few things I've learned -

ElCid is not psychic. MyZanne is. Kathy can be. ElCid is not. He won't ever be. I should stop expecting him to be psychic and just tell him how I feel or what I want.

ElCid will not ever walk into a room, look at the mess and just start cleaning it up. He won't and that's going to have to be okay. He will clean up when asked, mostly :)

I am the grown up. I cannot wait for someone else to come and do the laundry, dishes or pay bills. It won't happen we will be naked, eating off pie tins and cold!

Kids are a hassle. They scream, don't listen, destroy things, make messes, won't eat meals, and use up all my time and money. I wouldn't trade a single one of them for a little more peace or a little less mess.

Diet Coke is good.

Make alliances with in laws. They will give you peace of mind and a safe harbor at insane, never ending family events.

My family will always be more important to me. His family will always be more important to him. Equal time with each will never happen, finding balance is hard.

Some things don't need to be said. Some things should never be said, especially in front of innocent ears.

When dealing with our children being on the same page is nice, being in the same book is even better!

He married me because he loves me. He didn't marry me to have a clean house, 3 course meals every night or spotless well mannered children.

Eternity is a long time and since we're going to be together we ought to have fun!


Kathy said...

What do you mean I can be psychic? I am, so deal with it. Also, isn't being in the same book nice, and on the same page even better? That seemed to be backward!


An Wanna said...

I understood the being in the same book comment. Congrats on 11 years!

Safire said...

Congrats on 11 years!

Willis Party of 6 said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I can't believe that your husband can't read your mind? He needs to attend that seminar!

Good post!

Karen Valinda said...

Script time:"My mom and step father of 5 months(and my 3 youngest siblings) were living with Aunt Sandy's family (Oct 98-Apr 99)when I got engaged and married. I got there (Aunt Sandy's) on Friday night with a wedding dress that needed some handwork done on the trim (lace, beads) and my mom was happy to do it for me, she almost had the 3 dresses done for my sisters."

I feel that covers "stressed" better. Without even mentioning that the household consisted of 3 full time working adults, 6 children and me... the one in charge of cooking, laundry, overseeing kids' chores, etc. Which, btw, I never could have done without Uncle Larry. He was the 'teeth' in the chore chart! JonE refused to go to school(kindergarten) so I pulled him out in Nov... and the list could go on... but meals WERE on time!