Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Blue Christmas

As my girls get older it's harder to make them matching dresses for special occasions so I settle for a color scheme that works for all three of them. Since Jr. fell in love with the blue velvet dress I didn't end up sending to Washington that became the color scheme for this year.

I saw this darling dress in a catalog and knew it was what I wanted for George. My version doesn't have the same rows of lace on the bottom because I bought her lace on clearance earlier in the year and didn't have enough to recreate the look. :( I was going to make her sash the same satin as her under dress but she wanted velvet like her sisters.

Jr. in her lovely dress. The shoes, tights and under slip seem to help take away the - Ack! It's a nightgown! - look. She loves it and loved all the compliments she got!

Fred in the dress pattern she picked herself.
It has a fun twirly skirt that doesn't show up very well here.
She likes to be involved in the major decisions concerning her clothes these days and usually we can come to a compromise.

Merry Christmas! We're blue without you!


Kathy said...

They all look darling as usual. Fred's is my favorite this year. She looks so grown up!

Safire said...

So cute! I love Jr.'s dress. It's so beautiful. :)

Willis Party of 6 said...

Great job with the dresses!'ve been a sewing machine lately!!!!

Karen Valinda said...

Blue as in "bluetiful" ;-Þ
I can't see Marshmellow's blue tie but I am sure he has one :-} WHAT? Don't look at me like that Ddonn- Jesus is watching!
wv: wifib: wi not?

An Wanna said...

Yeah where is the dog's blue outfit. He got a stocking, he should get an outfit too!

Hillary said...

Perfect as usual.

Linda said...

beautiful dresses, beautiful girls! You guys do good work.

The Lowe Family said...

thats so precious :)