Monday, October 5, 2009

The Rest of the Day

No Diet Cokes magically appeared on my doorstep. :(

We didn't go to Jen's she and her kiddos are sick so I took the time today and made another thing (A Vida Jumper) for the sale in WA. I think it should be called Butterfly Bling. This was actually more expensive to make than the first dress. All the fabrics have glitter on them.

It has butterfly buttons and beaded fringe along the bodice on the front and back.

It also has beaded ribbon/lace trim between the fabrics
and a beaded sequined lace around the bottom.

My girls think these korker bows ought to go with it ...

I think the bows ought to look more like this one, it's not done yet.
I have to bake more twirls first.

I think this set will go for $50. I won't make anything off it but I don't know if anybody will buy it for that much!


Karen Valinda said...

I'm sitting here blind and freezing and this is a beautiful little dress but I would have to be buying it for next summer! I love the bows. I love the amazing trims on the dress as well as the fabrics you used in it. When I first read "I think this set will go for $50." I thought you meant the bows and was a little bit worried about you, then I realize the dress was part of the "set" and was really concerned because I could tell by looking that it would hardly cover cost! (Even an old Grammy could see that)

The Lowe Family said...

i like the bouncy bows better!

Beki said...

I want to see the butterfly when it's done. Both look cute to me, and I can see why your girls would like the pom-pomish ones, but it might be a bit much with all the sparkles in the dress. Or people can just buy extra bows from you!

tine said...

i have to agree with the girls

Le said...

So this can be the dress that lures them in with all its sparkly-ness and then they buy the more expensive stuff.

Le said...

I was looking at your business site and all the pics and it is amazing how much older your girls look than the 07 Christmas pics!

El Cid said...

A truly amazing dress - korker bows all the way - woot!