Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Happened Again!

I'm 28! I decided years ago to stop getting older. I figured 28 was as good as any other age and besides when you tell people you're 28 they take it as a statement of fact. They don't ask how many times you've been that old. Kathy will tell you I've been 28 3 times but she enjoys telling people things that aren't true.

My plans for the day are to help Jen with Katie's Silvermist costume and then, well I'd like to imagine I'll do a whole lot of nothing but we'll see how it goes.

ElCid stayed home from work today and he's currently doing dishes! He's such a great guy. He is also making dinner tonight.

No Diet Cokes have magically appeared on my doorstep yet but it's early yet and I'm still in my pajamas so my friends probably are too. :) Maybe something will happen later.

As a random twist of fate there is no school today. I found out at the end of last year when I saw the notes being printed. I asked the office ladies if it was some mean joke but no it was just the way things happened. The first year all 3 kids have school of some sort and they stay home to celebrate with me. Maybe next year things will be different.

Hope you all have fun celebrating my birthday!


Kathy said...

You know, a good mom would be happy to be surrounded by her whiny children all day! I may be a lot of things, but a tall-tale teller is not one of them.

Happy Birthday! I will not be driving 2 hours to deliver Diet Coke to you, but there is always Saturday!

Karen Valinda said...

What a cosmic anomaly!!!
My birthday is in the summer but if a son wasn't gone to Scout camp, a daughter or two were gone to Girl's camp... you kids always did wonderful things for me all day long... true, no rootbeer appeared but there was always blue milk! And cookies or cake ;-} Give 'em a year or two! They'll make you salad when you are all set to be spoiled with something more chocolate, or sour creamy or steak-y.
Happy Birthday! xoxoxox

Tami said...

Happy birthday from Matey and his mom (prolly hims dad too if he knew).

Safire said...

Happy 28th! Again! ;) Hope your day was good.

Linda said...

Happy birthday! We sure loved having you here for the weekend. I'm sitting here in the computer lab and thinking "well, hmm, maybe my kids are glad I'm not home to bug them." All they need is a whiny mom. We love you tons and bunches.

The Lowe Family said...

you KNOW if i were there i'd bring you a coke. you HAVE to know that.

also, i think when i get to 33 i'll stop aging. i want ppl to respect me as being in my 30's so i like the 30 part of it and then the 3 just is a lovely number. plus my mom always used to tell ppl she was 33.

El Cid said...

I enjoyed being home; hopefully you were able to have a nice vacation and were able to recuperate a little!